About the conference

IBC Asia’s Patient Centric Clinical Trials China Conference is the only focused-event for clinical leaders in China to share best practices, gather inputs on how to overcome challenges, and discover new and innovative technologies on how to design protocol, recruit, engage, and retain patients.

Key Conference Themes

  • Clinical Trial Protocol for Patients
  • Patient Selection & Recruitment Strategies
  • Patient Retention, Engagement & Experience
  • Patient Safety & Informed Consent
  • Patient Data & Patient-Reported Outcome (PRO)
  • Clinical Trial Innovation & Technologies for Patients

Top Reasons to Attend

  • Harness the benefits of patient centricity on clinical trial planning and management
  • Find solutions on how you will overcome patient selection, recruitment and retention issues by understanding the needs of the market
  • Find ways on how to leverage the use of technologies and social media platforms within your clinical trial
  • Discover how each stakeholder can contribute to achieve a patient-centered operation for all phases of clinical trial
  • Benchmark your clinical trial strategy from the case studies presented by clinical industry leaders

Early Confirmed Participating Companies from

Abbisko Therapeutics
Ascentage Pharma
Generon (Shanghai) Corporation
Institute of Mental Health Singapore
Multi-Regional Clinical Trials Center of Harvard
Respirent Pharma
Shanghai Benemae Pharmaceutical Corporation
Shanghai Haiyan Pharmaceutical Technology
Shanghai Hengrui Pharmaceuticals
Shanghai Jiahui International Hospital
Shenzhen Chipscreen Biosciences
SciClone Pharmaceuticals
United Therapeutics
~Plus Many More!!!